Interesting legal theory

Let’s see.  Someone hacks into your email system because you have inadequate controls.  They post embarrassing emails online.  What can you do?  Urge newspapers not to publish?Have your lawyer send a threatening letter.

“Sony Hires David Boies In a Bid to Halt Leaks,” Wall Street Journal, December 15, 2014 B1.  Sony has a high-powered lawyer send a threatening letter to news organizations to persuade them not to publish the leaked emails.

That’s the problem with freedom of the press — it’s free.  Yes, the information was stolen.  But then it was put into the public domain.  Hard to see how even Mr. Boies can succeed on this.  But letters are cheaper than lawsuits.

One problem with information is it can be stolen from you even though you still have it.  And your mitigation strategy needs to be a bit more robust.

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