CLiipfert Headshot I originally did this for a course I taught on an Introduction to Information Governance and Information Management in the Spring of 2015 at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business in Houston.

As preparation for this course, I started to collect information news nuggets from The Wall Street Journal.  These nuggets touch upon one or more of the many governance and management issues around corporate or governmental information, which tend to overlap with compliance topics.  How do these topics intersect?

I have a mind map to the issues, which is developing over time.

I am an attorney by training, having practiced law for over thirty years.  I started with a law firm in Washington, D.C., and after that was with Schlumberger, Amoco and BP in Atlanta, Paris, Chicago, Hong Kong and Houston.  I have been involved in various aspects of information governance and information management for more than 20 years. Nothing in this blog constitutes legal advice.

Christian Liipfert

I also have a website at www.LiipfertConsulting.com with several related presentations and articles.

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