FTC, SEC, and now HUD

“HUD Action Against Facebook Signals Trouble for Other Platforms,” The Wall Street Journal, March 29, 2019.  Do ads targeting specific races/religions  constitute discrimination?

How does Facebook use the information it has collected?  Can advertisers on Facebook pick which users get their ads, and restrict others from seeing those ads?  Could the ad be directed at one race of users and not another, or one age, or one ethnic group, or one religion?  Google got a party invite as well.

“The allegations against Facebook amount to a modern spin on redlining, or the historic practice by some real-estate brokers, lenders and others of drawing red lines around low-income and minority neighborhoods and either denying services, or targeting them with higher rates.”

And what does it mean when, in the space of a week, three different agencies of the federal government have taken action in this space?  First, the FTC with broadband providers.  Then the SEC with the PII in a database.  And now this.  Is there an Invisible Hand at work?

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