Records still matter

“New Jersey Lawmakers Push to Know Who Hired Official Accused of Sexual Assault,” The Wall Street Journal, January 19, 2019.  Nobody remembers who hired a chief of staff for a state development authority (he’s accused of sexual assault).

A trifecta, with Governance, Information, and Compliance implications. We document things because (a) people forget, (b) people leave, and (c) people lie.  Documents, while they may lie and may leave, don’t forget (except to the extent that they lose context or are confusing).  We have rules/policies/procedures that we document certain happenings and that we keep those documents in a certain place for a certain time.  And people sometimes don’t follow those rules/policies/procedures, because they don’t feel that they are important enough (or they attempt to destroy the evidence).  But rest assured, there’s an email or a text lurking somewhere.

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