What does it say?

“AstraZeneca Appoints Controversial Cancer Doctor to Head Research Unit,” The Wall Street Journal, January 8, 2019.  Doctor was accused in the past of not disclosing possible conflicts in articles he wrote.  He claims the failures to disclose were accidental.

How do you accidentally neglect to disclose a conflict?  Does the explanation offered (different rules in different journals) pass muster?  Or is this a case of, “When in doubt, disclose”?

And what does it say to others in the company who may also “accidentally” fail to disclose conflicts?  Seems to combine aspects of Governance (does your culture accept accidental non-disclosure of conflicts by higher-ups), and Information (information about conflicts is information that should be disclosed, as well as what evidence establishes an “accident”), and Compliance (how you address non-compliance with rules by the higher-ups).

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