Was this cheating?

“Fiat Chrysler Warns of $800 Million in Costs Related to Emissions Settlement,” The Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2019.  More fallout from the manipulation of the diesel emissions tests.

And so the story continues after the VW engine testing scandal, where software was used to defeat an emissions test.

Is this the result of great minds thinking the same thoughts, or collusion, or just the migration of information within a single industry?  Or is this what engineers (and lawyers) do, looking for ways within the rules to escape the impact of the rules?  Was this as bad as it has been portrayed, or were the government’s specified test conditions (relatively) easy to work around?  Was any factual data actually falsified?  I haven’t studied the evidence, but I can imagine a case where what was done was within the rules as then written.

Again, Governance (were the rules tight enough to prohibit what was done? was this seen as “cheating,” or normal behavior?), Information (the test results were the test results, after all, under the test conditions), and Compliance (what was the rule that was broken?).

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Filed under Theme One: Information, Theme Three: Compliance, Theme Two: Governance

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