Oh, Fudge

“Temple University Settles Suit Over Fudged Data on M.B.A. Ranking,” The Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2019.  School allegedly “inflated student admissions-exam figures” that were submitted to U.S. News and World Report for use in ranking different MBA programs.  While not admitting any wrongdoing, but paying $5+ million – ah, the lessons we learn.

Is this an indictment of MBA schools, that a culture exists where this type of hyper-competitive behavior would be allowed?  The Dean was canned, but has the culture changed?  Did this culture infect the students?  Or is it the nature of the Beast?

Governance – could this have happened without senior management knowledge?  Information – “fudging” is a code word for “falsifying.”
Compliance – was this a violation of an ethics policy (“We won’t lie, cheat, or steal”), or of an industry norm (Universities won’t use all available (not necessarily acceptable) means of persuasion to advance their own interests)?

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