Trust is a function of time and experience

How would you handle the situation if your system were breached, resulting in a lot of customer data?

Well, you’d gather the facts and inform people and make a public announcement, no matter how painful.  And if more information came your way and you had a choice to disclose or not disclose, what would you do?

Think what you want about Target and the recent credit card breach.  But when the CEO was presented with the option to disclose negative information that maybe was premature and maybe did not need to be disclosed by him, he made, IMHO, the right decision.  How do you rebuild trust when the relationship is damaged?  You be trustworthy.

“Inside Target, CEO Struggles To Regain Shoppers’ Trust,” Wall Street Journal, February 19, 2014 A1

What’s one of your mitigations if a predictable hazard occurs?  A good crisis management plan.  Which is your opportunity to improve your brand.

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