For cause

“Samsung Probed U.S. Marketing Operation Over Dealings With Business Partners,” The Wall Street Journal, March 22, 2019.  Looks like people were playing fast and loose with expense reporting policies and the like.  Some employees “were let go for cause and without severance following the audit.”

This is a bit of a departure for this blog of late; I haven’t focused so much on pure compliance issues.  But this is about Governance and Compliance, writ large.  The employees here violated company policy – not laws (as far as we know).  Co that’s Compliance (or not).  Remember that an employee’s common law duty to his/her employer includes the obligation to comply not only with applicable law, but also with company policy and other lawful instructions from their managers.  Violate that and you get fired, for cause.

Try telling your next potential employer that you got “laid off” “for cause.”  That’s “Governance.”

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