“Johnson & Johnson to Air First TV Ad for Drug That Discloses Its Price,” The Wall Street Journal, March 29, 2019.  Ads to disclose monthly cost, both before and after insurance.  Posting a list price!

Isn’t refreshing to have a marketer tell you up front what the cost will be?  Isn’t that information you’d like to have in your decision-making process?  Does this demonstrate that the seller is thinking of you differently than other sellers are?

If you’re a competing manufacturer, what does your response or non-response say?  Has J&J raised the bar of what information the consumer expects?

This is just Information and Use; I couldn’t really concoct a Governance or Compliance aspect, other than some thoughts about whether the recent $775 million settlement in litigation over the drug at issue factored in.

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Filed under Theme Four: Use, Theme One: Information

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