Matryoshka dolls

“Key Takeaways From Attorney General’s Summary of Mueller Report,” The Wall Street Journal, March 24, 2019.  AG Barr submits a 4-page summary of the much-longer Mueller report.

This just deals with Governance and Information.  Isn’t a summary or a digest by definition less complete than the full version?  But don’t we perforce rely on summaries and outlines to allow us to function, relying on the objectivity of the author of the summary to avoid true information overload?  This is true when we’re  in school and when we read a newspaper or listen to the news on TV.

Do we realize how much we rely on those filters in order to function in the modern world?  Do we really test their objectivity and honesty?  Isn’t everything peeling back the skin of an onion, or opening a Matyroshka doll (the Russian wooden doll), where you can always dig deeper and get more information?  At which level or layer do you become satisfied?  Even when the “full” version is itself actually a condensed version of all the facts?

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