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Is social media as important as the New York Times and network news?

“Did Twitter Help Ground the Boeing 737 MAX?,” The Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2019.  What impact did public reaction to the Boeing crashes have on Boeing and the FAA”

The blog often points out how little control you have over your information once you post it on Facebook or similar platforms.  But what about a major company (and a government agency)?  How do they handle a public backlash that happens on Twitter?

Lots of Information being used and distributed.  But virtually no Governance or Compliance.  Lots of impact.  This blog has talked about the intersection of Information Governance with Crisis Management (although I would argue that the two topics are not separate).

It’s as though Twitter is the essence of a Free Press – lots of information and viewpoints from different people, some of who may be conflicted or honest and some of whom may not be.  Or the Mob, depending on your point of view.  How does one filter the wheat from the chaff?

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