Sleeves out of my vest

“China Aims to Placate U.S. With Law Banning Theft of Foreign Trade Secrets,” The Wall Street Journal, March 15, 2019.  Part of trade negotiations.

What does it say when your trade partner agrees to stop stealing your property?  Seems like offering the sleeves out of your vest in return for something tangible.

Certainly Information.  And Governance (the passing of the law will be one control).  And maybe Compliance as well, if the law is enforced.  But what about “trade secrets” that were stolen in the past?  Do you get paid for those?

Is this a question of the owners of those trade secrets not having taken sufficient steps to protect them?  Or the loose use of the term “trade secrets”?  Didn’t the owners of the intellectual property at issue willingly make it available to the people they were dealing with?  Did they fail to “govern” their information?


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