Old news

I’m still recovering from being away from this blog for awhile.  So it’s a week and a half behind.  And this is, in today’s terms, an old scandal.

“Federal Prosecutors Charge Dozens in College Admissions Cheating Scheme,” The Wall Street Journal, March 13, 2019.  Actresses and coaches and elite universities implicated in admissions cheating.

So people lied about what sports they’d played.  And had someone take their SATs/ACTs for them.

Certainly, what you claim in your application to a university is Information, as are your tests scores.  And the testing folks had/should have had procedures in place (Governance) to prevent an imposter from taking your test for you (or a “proctor” changing your answers).  But these controls failed.  Why?

People were involved.  And if the stakes are high enough, people cheat.  But who’s liable?  The cheaters and the coaches, certainly. Compliance.  But what about the universities and the testing organizations?  Are they responsible or accountable in part?




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