“China Grounds All Boeing 737 MAX 8 Jets After Ethiopian Airlines Crash,” The Wall Street Journal, March 11, 2019.  Second crash of the new Boeing jet leads to grounding in some countries.

This blog has from time to time focused a bit on how information is used and not used.  I have also changed the categories that I am using to tag posts, with the Big Three: Information, Governance, and Compliance.  I have now added (back in) a category for Use, which is often an aspect of Information.

Compare and contract how China and the US have used the Information (two crashes of a new passenger jet in 6 months).  China quickly grounded flights; the US is taking (took) a while to do the same (this post is written March 18, 2019, after the US grounding).  While there may well be other concerns (such as, where does Boeing manufacture its jets, as opposed to where the competing Airbus is made), it does highlight how information is used.  And had the planes not been grounded, and there were a third crash, what would that say about the non-use of information?

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