On the down low

This blog features several posts over the past year about how companies and other organizations have handled sexual harassment at the top of the shop.  That focus was mainly on the Governance point, and the culture that organizations perpetuate if they allow behavior that is contrary to the organization’s stated or assumed ethics/compliance policy.

Here is another one, but focusing on how one company allegedly try to keep this information confidential.

“Google Agreed to Pay $135 Million to Two Executives Accused of Sexual Harassment,” The Wall Street Journal, March 11, 2019.  Senior executives left a number of years ago after harassment allegations, and got paid bundles.

What does it say about the culture of an organization where a senior executive gets “retired” for sexually harassing an employee, but still gets a multi-million dollar payout?  And the company says nothing about “the incident”?  What does it say to the employee who was harassed, and to all other employees?  Can you really keep this information secret, even internally?  Isn’t there a rumor mill at Google?  And now it comes out that there were several “select past cases.”

Why was Google hiding this?

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