“Since 2013, the state’s largest utility has repeatedly postponed upgrades to the high-voltage line that ran near Paradise, Calif., records show.”

“Records show.”  Dangerous words.

“PG&E Delayed Safety Work on Power Line That Is Prime Suspect in California Wildfire,” The Wall Street Journal, February 28, 2019.  Antiquated record-keeping systems part of the problem.

Are company records a petard upon which the company can be hoisted? [A petard is a small bomb;  being hoisted by your own petard is being blown up by your own device. Ed.]  But the law requires you to keep certain documents (records).  And why is that?

Not that PG&E is that good a record keeper, to which the people in San Bruno can attest. Records were absent after the 2010 pipeline explosion.

Compliance and Governance.  And a splash of Information.  Boom.

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