Keeping secrets

“Congo Keeps Voters in the Dark About Election Results,” The Wall Street Journal, January 3, 2019.  Government blocks the internet while votes are being counted.

Certainly, a Governance issue, with incumbent government having the power (if not the right) to do this, and the government does have control of the process.  And this does involve Information, both as to the results of the vote and the public discussion of the process in the interim, but also aspects of collection of and access to information, and the role of technology in disseminating information.  And maybe Compliance, too, depending on whether the government is acting in accordance with the controlling documents or rules.


Filed under Theme One: Information, Theme Three: Compliance, Theme Two: Governance

2 responses to “Keeping secrets

  1. Susan Cisco

    Hi Christian, when I click on an interesting link, WSJ, there’s a paywall. I don’t want to subscribe. Maybe time for me to unsubscribe?

    Susan Cisco
    (512) 565-7021

    • Susan:
      Yes, there’s a paywall. It’s a copyright thing with the WSJ. I can email you individual stories if you want. Just let me know which ones.

      Have a Happy New Year. I am in Hong Kong for the birth of our grandson. Back in Houston end of the month.



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