It’s always good to have a catchy headline.

“Lust, Anger Topple Powerful Lawyer,” The Wall Street Journal, July 14, 2018 A1.  Sexting scandal costs head of major law firm his job (and his ~$6 million salary), even though he did nothing beyond sending and receiving the texts.

Would you trust a lawyer who had such lapses in personal judgment?  Would you trust the law firm of which he was the chairman?  He had reason to suspect the woman he was texting, as he became aware of her when looking into her relationship with a friend of his at church.  Good deeds don’t go unpunished.

She sent copies of the email exchanges to the firm’s executive committee.

The problem with email is that it doesn’t go away, and you can’t control what the recipient does with them.

Important safety tip, Egon,  That bears repeating.  And repeating.

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