Falsely shouting fire?

“FCC Proposes Revamp Of Online Documents,” The Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2018 A3.  Proposed revision to process for receiving public comments after fake comments filed in the net neutrality discussion.

How does the government restrict our ability to lie to the government where the payment of money or the issuance of a license is not at issue?  Is filing comments under someone else’s name not protected speech?  Or is it fraud?  Yes it’s false, but is it fraud, if all you’re trying to do is sway a regulator’s position?  Is this the same as falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater?

I’m not in favor of submitting comments under a false name or names.  But can the government protect this when people are attempting to petition their elected representatives?

I file this as a restriction on the ability of government to govern all behavior (therefore Governance) and under Information (does it matter that it’s fake?).  Maybe Compliance, seeing as the Constitution applies.

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