Multiple policies

“Starbucks Takes as Break For Its Antibias Training,” The Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2018 B2. Starbuck’s shuts down for several hours to train its employees on what “bias” means.  Response to incident when two men were arrested for refusing to either buy something or leave the store.  Cost: $10 million and counting.

While some may view this as a large publicity stunt, or post-crisis communication/image repair, others may see it as a strong statement of what Starbuck’s culture is or will be.  Starbuck’s also changed its policy of not allowing non-customers to sit in its stores and use its restrooms.

What happens when you have one policy (no bias) that conflicts with another policy (restrooms for customers only)?  How are employees supposed to know which policy to follow?

Does your company have policies that conflict with one another?

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