Cheaters never prosper

What does it say about the workplace culture if hundreds of employees try to cheat on a special employee benefit?

“Fidelity Ousts 200 for Benefit Misuse,” The Wall Street Journal, May 7, 2018 B1.  Employees allegedly tried to cheat Fidelity by claiming reimbursement for computer or health care expenses to which they were not entitled.

What does it say about whether they will also cheat Fidelity’s customers?  At least Fidelity found it (in an audit) and took action.  Ethics do matter, as there now-former employees learned.  What does it say that Fidelity took action and flagged the files of employees who were covered by Finra? I guess those employees will look for employment outside the industry.

Primarily Governance and Compliance. But the employees did submit false information.

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