As simple as a-b-c (d-e)

“Data Firm Shut After Facebook Scandal,” The Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2018 A1.  Cambridge Analytica, which used Facebook user data during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, shuts down.

Cambridge Analytica denies having done anything illegal.  Does that mean that everything it did was proper?  Maybe not.  But one can understand why politicians would no longer want to use the company.

An organization needs to control/manage/govern not only (a) the information within the corporate walls and (b) what information it sends outside the corporate walls, but also (c) what information it receives, (d) how it receives that information, and (e) where it gets that information.

Who would be the villain here if it were proved that Cambridge Analytica came by the Facebook user data legitimately (or at least that Facebook gave or sold or rented them that information, or placed it in the stream of commerce)?

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