Information or governance

Not sure whether this is more about governance than about information.

“AT&T Thwarted In Focus On Trump,” The Wall Street Journal, February 21, 2018 B1.  AT&T wants information on internal government discussions, in order to rebut the government’s attack on the proposed acquisition of/merger with Time Warner.  Court says no dice.

On the information point, how much is it worth to get information you don’t have, but suspect will help you?  How much is it worth to keep your internal government discussions private?

On the governance point, one governing authority (the Executive Branch) moves to block a transaction, alleging it’s anti-competitive.  The parties to the proposed transaction sue for access to the Executive Branch’s internal documents, to demonstrate alleged bias.  The Executive Branch says “no.”  Another governing authority (the Judicial Branch) also says “no.”

Whose information is it?  Who’s in charge (i.e., governing)?


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