Cost of (non-)Compliance

“U.S. Bancorp Is Charged, Fined in Laundering Case,” The Wall Street Journal, February 16, 2018 B2.  Bank fined over $600 million and criminally charged with laundering money.  And placed under a deferred prosecution agreement, which is always an adventure.

Bank allegedly constructed and operated its controls on money laundering “‘on the cheap.'”  Think of the money they saved!

Their shareholders, not so much.

How much would having adequate controls and filing required suspicious activity reports have cost?  More or less than $600 million?

A key compliance requirement for banks is to have adequate money laundering controls.  What does it say about the directors and officers that this bank didn’t have them?  Who’s responsible for this failure (i.e., who’s duty was it to prevent this?)?  Who’s getting canned?

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