Rogue employees

What do you do when a rogue employee decides to express his or her politics by messing with your product?  Could that affect your brand?

No, this isn’t about the NFL.

“Twitter Tightens Security,” The Wall Street Journal, November 4, 2017 B3.  Security lapse allows a departing and now former Twitter employee to shut down President Trump’s Twitter feed for eleven minutes.

Cybersecurity focuses not only on external hackers but also internal bad-deed doers.  Sometimes, even well-designed security plans fail.  But those third-party plans are protecting your information in their control.

Do you have special controls for special celebrity cases?  Do you take extra steps for departing employees?

Not sure Twitter is a brand.

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One response to “Rogue employees

  1. It requires about five minutes to open a “rogue”-account in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Trolls are a relevant business risk regarding security of information, but also corporate reputation.

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