The Hack of All Hacks

The Yahoo hack may have affected 1.5 billion customers.  But in terms of targeted hacks, OPM was pretty big.  There’s a new contender for the Hack of Hacks.

“Equifax Reveals Huge Breach,” The Wall Street Journal, September 8, 2017 A1.  The records (name, address, Social Security number, birth date, etc.) of 143 million US consumers at the credit reporting company have been hacked. That’s roughly half the US.  And they sat on it for awhile (since they discovered in on July 29).

Will this fundamentally change the landscape?  Will we see EU-level privacy controls in the US?  Will the directors of Equifax face personal liability for not ensuring the information was protected?  How can you protect your Social Security Number five years from now?  How will credit decisions be made in the future?


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