Where does one start?

Two front-page items today relating to information and governance and compliance, or some combination thereof.

Trump Shared Secrets With Russians,” The Wall Street Journal, May 16, 2016 A1.  President Trump shared  with the Russians “sensitive intelligence” received from an ally.  May have compromised the source.

“Hack Probe Zeroes In on How Virus Invaded Networks,” The Wall Street Journal, May 16, 2016 A1.   WannaCry ransomware infects various networks worldwide.  Similar to an NSA hack, or are you still using XP?

Regardless whether the President shared actual sources and methods, or just enough to figure them out, this bears scrutiny.  What impact (cost) will this have on future intelligence sharing by allies?  Who in your organization has access to secret stuff, and how well do they manage it?

As for WannaCry, are we really only secure as our weakest link?  Lots and lots of links.



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