I normally avoid picking from The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial pages, as opinion is not the level of fact within the purview of this blog.  But today provides an exception.

“So You Want to Be a Diplomat? CEO’s Need Not Apply,” The Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2016 A17.  Discussing the nomination of Rex Tillerson, the writer says:

Knowing Exxon Mobil’s highly legalistic corporate culture — according to the office grapevine [sic] infractions such as talking during a fire drill or inviting a government official to a meal that cost more than the federal gift threshold were fireable offenses [emphasis added]– I expect that Mr.Tillerson would raise the bar for ethical standards in the Trump administration.

I suspect this approach would raise the bar in just about every organization.

Does this highlight a problem with other organizations, that allow employees to violate corporate policies and procedures with impunity?  Do you have to sweat the small stuff to get the big stuff right?

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