Three blurbs today.

“Flawed Theranos Tests Hurt Patients,” The Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2016 A1.  Company that marketed a cheaper, better blood test faces problems after testing methodology was faulty.  Is your business selling information analytics?  Is this a risk you have identified, quantified, and protected against?

“Mining Executives Charged,” The Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2016 B5.  In November 2015, a dam collapsed, releasing sludge into a nearby river and killing 19 people.  The federal government filed criminal charges against current and former chief executive officers and other employees and consultants who inspected the dam.  In Brazil.  Compare and contrast the collapse of a dam in the US caused by an employee of the EPA, where no charges were filed.

“Louisville Gets Charges Over Escort Scandal,” The Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2016 D6.  The NCAA charged several staff members with for the University of Louisville men’s basketball team in a sex scandal. The current coach was accused of failing “to demonstrate that he monitored a member of his staff.”  Apparently,  a higher standard of behavior applies to managers of basketball than management in corporations or governments.


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