How can you use it?

The value of information is tied to how well you use the information you have.

“Wharton M.B.A.s Get More Training in Data and Decision-Making,” The Wall Street Journal, May 5, 2016 B4.  Increased focus on “business analytics, the application of data science to business problems.”  Includes an MBA major in analytics.  Unfortunately, focused mostly on the financial information.

I am all behind more data analytics.  But who’s in charge of the collection of the data being analyzed?  And how do you determine the quality (i.e., the accuracy,timeliness, and reliability) of the data you have?  And how do you determine what you need to keep and what you should toss?  Who can access that data?  Who owns the entire area?  The CEO?  The CIO?  Someone else?

There’s still room for information governance.

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