Rules is Rules

Many of our daily endeavors are governed by rules.  And we have a duty to comply with those rules.

“Poetry Is Art, but Poetry Slams Are Sport, Bound by Pages of Rules,” The Wall Street Journal, April 8, 2016.  Rigorous enforcement of rules in poetry slam contests.

If the poetry slam people enforce those rules strictly, why don’t corporations enforce all their policies and procedures as strictly?  Aren’t those policies and procedures mandatory and important?  If the policies or procedures are wrong, they should be changed.

While mundane, records retention policies and procedures are mandatory.  Violations should be punished. If not, what does that say about other corporate policies and procedures?  Are they optional as well?


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2 responses to “Rules is Rules

  1. Agree with your point about violations being punished. The is part of the root to the problem. The negative consequences to not complying are usually minimal.

  2. Russ – Thanks for the comment.
    As for compliance with rules, I guess you are either serious or you’re not. I just updated a chapter in a book on the duty to comply — much of this stuff is just basic blocking and tackling. I assume the Navy dealt with violations on board a carrier differently.

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