Rules are rules

Sometimes, determining whether something or someone is in compliance is not immediately clear.

An Error and a Strange Rule Cost Yankees on Opening Day,” The Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2016 A22.  Baseball apparently has a rule that, if a base runner interferes with a throw, the base runner is out.  But if the pitcher lobs the ball over the runner (to avoid hitting him) and, as a result, the ball goes into right field rather than into the first baseman’s glove (as what happened in this game), the base runner is safe.  Apparently, if the only pathway to get the ball to the first baseman hits the runner, then the runner is out (if the umpire agrees with the “only”).

What (if anything) does this have to do with information governance?  Multiple rules lead to potential conflicts.  If the rules are in conflict, what conduct gives you the stronger argument that you complied?  Arguments are made after the fact, when the decider already see the outcome.

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