European encryption

In an ongoing story, enforcement authorities around the world are confronting the difficulties of by-passing encryption systems on phones.

“Encryption Battle Is Heating Up in Europe,” The Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2016 B5.  The FBI, after initially screwing up the process, tried to force Apple to break into one of its phones, but relented after the FBI figured out how to do it themselves or through a third party.  Now European officials are confronting the same problem.

In the past, the US and other countries have restricted the export of encryption technology under various regimes, including the International Traffic in Arms regulations.  Might Europe approach this differently, by prohibiting the import of phones with technology the governments can’t crack?  Just thinking.

And what about unbreakable encryption that protects against hacking information in transit, such as email?  Or at rest, on your servers?

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