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Weak link

The big hacks catch our attention.  But what about the little leaks?

Bank Tellers Draw Scrutiny Over Security,” The Wall Street Journal, June 8, 2015 C3. New York to look at what controls banks put on information that tellers may access.

Should banks be concerned if a teller looks up information on a whole bunch of customers that the teller doesn’t service?  Should you?

Is this an access issue or a duty-to-protect issue?  Or something else?

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Tone at the top

Directors and their duties to the corporation and to other directors.

Quiksilver Director Exits Amid Spat,” The Wall Street Journal, June 5, 2015 B2.  The other directors allegedly excluded another director from a critical vote, thinking that she couldn’t be objective.  She quits, publicly.

It’s one thing if someone is not elected director because of perceived conflicts.  But once they’re there, they’re there, and they have fiduciary obligations.  Did the other directors breach their duties by excluding her?  Is this outside the business judgment rule? Is this a sorority or a board?  Who advised the board that this was acceptable?

What does it say about the culture of a company that even the directors don’t live up to their obligations?

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Connecting the dots

How effectively are we using the new technologies and the newly available information to deliver business value?

An Assembly Line, Online,” The Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2015 R6.  A production line in Germany uses wireless technology and RFIDs and such to connect “workers, machines and parts.”  Huge productivity increases.  The company is looking to market their system to others, while other major manufacturers are working on competing systems.

Isn’t the use case part of information governance?



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Falsely Shouting Fire

What can you do when someone spreads lies on social media about your company’s product?

KFC: Eight-Legged Chickens a Lie,” The Wall Street Journal, June 2, 2015 B3.  KFC sues three companies in China, alleging they used Chinese social media to spread rumors about 8-legged chickens to damage KFC’s business.

Commercial defamation is actionable in China. But would a rumor spread by a private citizen be equally problematic? How does a company protect itself against somebody falsely shouting fire in crowded theater? The word “falsely” is an oft-omitted modifier in “quotations” from the O.W. Holmes opinion on free speech.

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