Talk about Big Data

I was tempted to post about how the costs of breaches like the one at Target are spread among the different participants (“Small Lenders Cry Foul Over Breach Costs,” Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2015 C1), but then I saw an article about hospitals.  Not in Business & Technology or Money & Investing sections.  In the Personal Journal.

“Researchers Map Where Hospital Pathogens Are Lurking,” Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2015 D3.  Study of what pathogens exist where in a hospital.

Your company has millions or billions documents (paper and electronic).  How do you track what you have and where you have it?  How do you analyze all that information and determine what’s useful?  How do you use it?

The hospitals gather a lot of data and analyze it to find out where bacteria live and prosper, with a view to preventing infection and keeping patients healthy (which is the core mission of a hospital).  Parallel universe?

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