Information on you

If you are en employer looking to hire, you know exactly what you want: you want someone like Joe (or Judy).  But how do you find a Joe or a Judy based on the pile of resumes?

Well, you have a company ask Joe or Judy a lot of questions.  It doesn’t matter whether their answers are “right,” just that they have answered.  Then you ask the same questions to your applicant pool and select the potential new hires from those who answered the same as Joe or Judy. Or so the theory goes.  Early industrial psychology.

To Get A Job, New Hires Are Put To The Test,” Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2015 A1. Use of tests to identify “good” hires, based on responses of “good” employees, leads to better retention.

So, there’s nothing you can do, other than try to predict how Joe or Judy would have answered. Is this analytics?  It is certainly using information for your business, even if you don’t know what that information means.

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