Pirates and Rules of Parley

As the Governor’s daughter discovered in The Pirates of the Caribbean, the right to parley was more a guideline than a rule, and didn’t apply to her because she wasn’t a pirate.

Clinton Email Use at Odds With Guidelines,” Wall Street Journal, March 7, 2015 A4. Hillary’s use of a private email server for all of her email while Secretary of State was against State Department policy.  The system wasn’t approved by the Department.  And it was contrary to instructions she provided to all other employees of State. And the use of the private system for classified and sensitive Department communications seems at best ill-considered.  Even though another employee was fired for doing the same thing.

What does it say about culture when the boss tells the employees to act one way but acts in another? Does the fired employee get back pay and reinstatement?  What does the Board do when the CEO does this? Why didn’t the policy apply to her? Who owns the emails on her system? What would happen in civil litigation on similar facts?

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