The people people become data nerds

HR now has an app to generate even more metrics.  It provides “people analytics.”

You Aren’t a Human, You’re a Data Point,”Wall Street Journal, February 17, 2015 B1. This “treats the humans in an organization just like any other asset …; as something that can be monitored, analyzed and reconfigured.” Another way to quantify the “otherwise nebulous concept of corporate culture.” “In a modern corporation, data is a kind of currency.” “The more of it you have, the more power and influence you wield.”

Interesting, that people are being treated as collections of information, and that that information needs to be, and can be, managed.

Also: The Journal changes the name of its Marketplace section to Business & Technology.  Today’s section had a heavy focus on information, with stories on

  • the Apple smartwatch,
  • algorithms at UPS to help with route planning,
  • the costs and benefits of cloud computing, and
  • attorney-client privilege in the international realm.


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