Ownership, disposal, and transition

Managing information transfers when an employee leaves or moves within an organization is part of information governance (and, of course, knowledge management). So, too, is disposal of information when retaining it is no longer required.  And who owns that information?

These three points, and perhaps others, are all raised in “For Facebook Users, Options Upon Death,” Wall Street Journal, February 13, 2015 C1. Facebook has settings that allow one designated representative to make decisions about your Facebook account after you die; if you check the right box, they can delete the account .

Are you organizing information in your personal life so that that information can be handled appropriately after your death?  What about the analogous situation with workplace information in your possession, custody, or control?  What happens to that when you leave?  Have your organized it with that in mind? Why should you care?

Why should your employer?  Whose information is it?


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