The medium and the medium

Crisis management meets information governance.

In crisis management, communicators understand that your message includes who you have speaking. In information governance, one issue is picking the correct medium for conveying your message.  Do you want to select a medium that’s relatively permanent (e.g., email) for a message whose content you wish had a limited life?

NBC Suspends News Anchor Brian Williams For Six Months,” Wall Street Journal, February 11, 2015 A1. After disclosures of other factual distortions by Brian Williams, NBC pulls the plug to give him time and space for rehabilitation.

Did William’s actions violate NBC’s Code of Conduct?  Strange as it seems, most Codes of Conduct don’t prohibit lying, cheating, or stealing.  Maybe a morals clause of his contract prohibited him from doing anything that brought NBC into disrepute.  Was his apology insufficiently heart-felt?

What does the delayed response say about NBC’s culture?

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