One standard, one atypical

Cybercriminals Target Brokers,” Wall Street Journal, February 4, 2015 C3.  People get hacked.  Hackers contact brokers by email asking for money to be transferred out of the peoples’  accounts.  Oops.  But the brokers (or about 60% of them) have insurance.

This is old news.  But what steps do you take to prevent it?

PGA Tour Caddies Sue Over Wearing Bibs With Logos,” Wall Street Journal, February 4, 2015 D6 (you have to scroll down to the end of the article). Caddies, hire by the golfers, complain about not being compensated for being walking billboards.

Who owns the advertising space on your back? But what would happen if every caddie didn’t wear the same bib?

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