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It was one thing when the NSA did wholesale collection of metadata on electronic transmissions, nominally subject to review in a special court.  But what about a database of all  calls to the US or from the US?  With no court involvement?

Another Program to Track Calls Is Revealed,” Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2015 A3. A secret government database stores at least ten years of data on phone calls from the US to foreign countries and to the US from elsewhere.  DOJ says the database was deleted.  Well, at least one copy.

How can a government that can’t keep copies of Lois Lerner’s email manage to keep ten years’ worth of phone call data?

Continuing with today’s privacy theme, “Hot New Line for Private Eyes: Premarital Checks,’ Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2015 A3.  Forget employers checking out potential applicants.  People are spending $200- $500 to check out potential dating partners and their backgrounds, with physical surveillance extra.  No consent or disclosure requirements.

Maybe Europe’s right to privacy and right to be forgotten have some merit.


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