Two from the front

Two stories from the front page today.

“U.S. Puts New Focus On Cyber Defenses,” Wall Street Journal, December 26, 2014 A1. White House looks at threat posed by Sony hack.  Might others follow the trend? Is this a national security issue?  Who owns the infrastructure?  Who’s responsible for protecting a commercial business from hacking?

Long After Arrests, Records Live On,” Wall Street Journal, December 26, 2014 A1. Records of arrests (without convictions) can live forever.  Should you have a right to be forgotten, or are facts facts?  Worse than a selfie or an intemperate online posting.

Who’s in charge of internet and email security? If there’s a statute of limitations for actions, shouldn’t there be a limited period for inquiry?  Would you want to know that your doctor/teacher/minister/politician had some flaws in his or her background?  Whose interests are paramount, the individual’s or society’s?

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