Is what you get paid proprietary information?

One of the threads in the story of the recent Sony system hack is that the compensation of several senior executives was disclosed.

“Data Breach Sets Off Upheaval At Sony,” Wall Street Journal, December 4, 2014 B1.  Hackers, perhaps from North Korea, hacked the Sony system and released a bunch of information and five movies.  Compensation data on 17 employees being paid more than $1 million a year.

I can see how the company may want to keep what it pays its employees confidential, but is that really company information?  In the aggregate, maybe; but for an individual employee?If a prospective new employer asks you what you’re being paid at your current job, is it acceptable for you to respond, “Sorry, that’s company confidential”?  Employers get nervous at the prospect of employees sharing salary information with one another; don’t know what the NLRB says about that.  Whose information is it?  What controls can you/should you have in place?  How do you deal with breaches?


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