Titles as information

Are corporate titles “information”?

“Our New Pastime: Job-Title Inflation,” Wall Street Journal, November 18, 2014 D6.  Baseball teams build a title infrastructure above the General Manager.  Not sure who’s ego is being catered to.

And I was struck by a similar quandary that came up in a recent episode of “Madam Secretary,” where the Secretary of State’s staff was struggling with the appropriate form of address for the head of a small nation (who also ran a bait shop).

Do titles fit the definition of corporate information, within the context of information governance?  I think so.  It is information used in the course of the company’s business, and as a legal matter a corporation does own the main titles, like president and probably vice-president.  Does the title have value?  Yes, both internally and externally.  Should the corporate exercise control over it?  Yes, and it does.

The point is two-fold.  Information is sometimes not immediately identified as such.  And I was struggling for a topic and this was the last page of  today’s Journal.


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