Mastering Data

Business schools do teach parts of information governance.  And the analytics part is certainly getting attention.

“Big Data Gets Master Treatment,”Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2014 B7. Programs in Master of Business Analytics last a year, cost $47,000, and have a long waiting list.  Other B-schools opt for required courses in analytics for all B-school students.

Certainly, this is a good thing, as there is demand in the marketplace for people with these skills.  IMHO, would be great to have more people taking courses in the broader information governance topic, of which data analytics is a part.

The three universities (that I know of) with information governance programs (or courses) for graduate students are Rice Jones Graduate School of Business (where I teach), Columbia University in New York (Anne Kershaw and Guy St. Clair), and San Jose State University, where Pat Franks teaches.  Other courses include Chuck Ragan’s work in Minnesota, which is for law students.  The Information Age will need managers with the skills to span the information silos.


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