Evolving information demands

What does one do when there’s a change in what information is important?  Say it’s the linkage between your recent travel schedule and your fever/cough/upset tummy? That’s important to you, of course, but even more so to the hospital team trying to identify potential Ebola patients.

There is now, apparently, an app for that.

“Hospital Records Adapt to Flag Ebola,” Wall Street Journal, November 3, 2014 B1.  It took five days to deploy a software change that alerts the health care team when additional Ebola screening is recommended.  It’s a question of picking what information to add to the records and what information to bring to the attention of the treating team.

How do you adapt to changes in what information is important to making decisions today?  Do you collect more information?  How do you flag connections?  How do you alert those who need to know?


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