Today’s Top Three

Normally, I pick one story.  Today, I couldn’t choose among these three, as the issues are just too important.

“Insider Probe Focuses On Medicare Agency,” Wall Street Journal, October 29, 2014 A1. SEC investigation of whether Medicare officials leaked information about proposed treatment limits, and various traders traded on that information.  What’s information worth, and what controls do you put in place to protect that value?

“Fast Traders Get SEC Data Seconds Early,” Wall Street Journal, October 29, 2014 C1.  Study showing companies are paying $1,500 a month for access to company filings (particularly insider stock purchases) seconds before they reach the rest of the market, and that such early access affects trading volume and price.  What’s faster access to data worth, and how do you have a level playing field when seconds matter?  Is speed of access part of information governance?

“How Technology Is Killing Defense,” Wall Street Journal, October 29, 2014 D6.  Football offenses are able to anticipate the actions of football defenses by careful analysis of the game films. [It’s fascinating to me how many of the good stories on analytics in use come from professional sports.]  More information distributed to people who actually use it leads to better decisions. And less-effective blitzes under the prior art.

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