How do you get people to download your data?  Offer to pay the cost of the download?

“Will Free Data Become The Next Free Shipping?” Wall Street Journal, October 24, 2014 B1. Websites offering to compensate users for the impact on their cell phone’s data cap, if they’ll view the promo videos on the website.  Hershey, Hotels.com, and StubHub experiment with the concept.

AT&T gets props for figuring out a way to monetize, letting companies pay for the cost of streaming the data their customers consume.  Sort of like a 1-800 number to place orders.  Will this become the norm?  Is it subject to abuse?

Would this help you reach customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach?  Is enabling customer access part of information governance?  Is information-without-access a tree falling in a forest, with no one listening?

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